Jeg har nu fået lavet det sådan at I kan få en mail hver gang jeg opdaterer siden.

  1. Skriv email adressen i feltet i højre side, og tryk “subscribe”.
  2. Skriv de bogstaver der kommer i boksen.
  3. Der kommer nu en mail til den indtastede e-mail adresse – klik på linket i mailen for at bekræfte adressen – og herefter skulle det gerne virke.

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  1. Bob Says:

    I noticed in one of your comments from a few months ago you questioned whether infants were good road-tripping companions. Yes, they are. Both of my sons have been doing road trips with us since they were very young. My older son did his first trip on US 25 from Cincinnati, Ohio to Brunswick, Georgia (a short 3 day trip) when he was only 3 months old. (His first time sleeping through the night was in a motel in Kentucky.) My other son took his first trip at 4 months old, riding from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean along US 30. We took a little more than 2 weeks for that trip. Now at 6 years old and 3 years old they both look at multi-week car trips along back roads as normal. (The 6 year old has been to 31 states and taken 12 US highways from end to end.)

    As infants they are very easy to take on trips because they still sleep a lot. As they get older, you need to cut your distances and stop a lot more, but they can still enjoy it. We tend to only drive about 400-500 km per day and stop at least every 90 minutes to check out something, even if it’s just the playground in the town park we’re passing or the local John Deere dealer (kids love looking at farm equipment).

    Happy travels.

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